Earn money for spreading whiter smiles!

With our affiliate program we make it easy for you to make money from home! We offer GREAT commission as well as great customer service! Read below for more information.

How much will you be earning?

If you are interested in becoming an affiliate we provide each of our affiliates a link and coupon code to offer their customers with 15% off and keep track of their sales through their own profile online. The link provided will track the customer through cookies for up to 180 days, so if the customer returns 2 months later and buys a kit, you will get commission for the sale.
Pay outs are as follows:
  • First 0-5 kits sold (Tier 1):
  • $5 per kit 
  • 5-10 kits sold (Tier 2):
  • $8 per kit
  • 10+ kits sold (Gold Seller):
  • $12 per kit 

How do I generate more sales?

By experience we have noticed that by simply posting a picture of us using our product on social media (Snapchat/Instagram/Facebook) it raises our peers curiosity which makes it easy to drive sales! Remember to take Progress pictures as this will increases your customers trust.

Please Read our Affiliate Terms Here First.

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