Terms of Product Use

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Glossy Smiles does not represent themselves as a doctor/physician and nor is this implied. Whiteness from this product will vary from patient to patient and will be different depending on the structure of ones teeth, the number of times it is being used or the duration of time on each whitening session. The results of these products are not guaranteed by Glossy Smiles. Teeth whitening may not be uniform due to the difference in people’s teeth and Glossy Smiles are not liable for any unexpected results. Whitening fades with time and a regular up keep is recommended in order to maintain white teeth. Whitening products will not whiten dental work such as veneers, crowns, bridges or cavities. By placing an order through Glossy Smiles you accept all risks associated with the product, you agree that Glossy Smiles will not be held liable for any unexpected results, or complications that may arise as result of the product.